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Gistingarhúsið undir Heygnum

Føroyskt: Her eru myndir frá Gistingarhúsinum undir Heygnum á Tvøroyri:

Dansk: Nedenfor ses billeder fra Pensionatet Undir Heygnum:

English: Here you can see photos from the Guesthouse/Pension Undir Heygnum in Tvøroyri:

This room has beautiful seaview. Television and table are also in the room. This room has a double bed. There are also single, twin and triple rooms. Altogether there are 18 beds in the pension.

The kitchen is modern and has all facilities you need

All the rooms have a TV-set with many channels. There is wireless internet connection in the pension.

The Guesthouse seen from the garden. There is a wall all around and a gate, so children can play there safely.

In summertime there will be a boat by the bridge, which the guests can use. There are also fishing facilities, warm clothings and life jackets.

This bathroom has both shower and bathtub



Gistingarhúsið undir Heygnum/The Guesthouse Undir Heygnum
Undir Heygnum 32 
FO-800 Tvøroyri
Faroe Islands

Website: guest-house.dk

Tel. +298 372046
Fax +298 372446

e-mail: guesthouse@kallnet.fo

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Visit Suðuroy - Tvørávegur 37 - FO-800 Tvøroyri - tlf. +298 611080 - fax +298 371814. - infotvoroyri.fo
Visit Suðuroy - Vágsvegur 57 - FO-900 Vágur - tlf. +298 239390 - infovagur.fo
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