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Café’s & Restaurants

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee at a cosy café or a night out at a restaurant. Here is a list of available café’s and restaurants in Suðuroy.


69 Vágsvegur

Phone: +298 250448

For more information, visit Bakkin Steakhouse's Facebook page.

Bakkin Steakhouse

Bakkin Steakhouse
69 Vágsvegur

Phone: +298 250444

For more information, visit Bakkin Steakhouse's Facebook page.


31 Bøgøta, 900 Vágur
Phone: +298 272109

A family-friendly fast-food restaurant in Vágur, offering a wide selection of fast-food courses as well as serving milkshakes and ice cream.

For more information, visit Báran's Facebook page.

Bech Vistaveiting

Bech Vistaveiting is the catering company, based in the cafeteria in the sports centre in Trongisvágur. You can order take-out for larger groups, as well as lunch for your group excursion.

For more information, see Bech Vistaveiting's Facebook page.

Bryggjan 1

Bryggjan 1
900 Vágur
Phone: +298 263435 / +298 270519.

Family-friendly Filipino Buffet

For more information, visit Bryggjan 1's Facebook page.

Café Brim

Café Brim is at Brim B&B.
78 Vágsvegur
900 Vágur

Phone: +298 787876
E-mail: brim.bb@outlook.com

For more information, visit BRIM's Facebook page.

Café MorMor

38 Undir Heygnum, 800 Tvøroyri

The cozy atmosphere at Café MorMor makes it one of the most popular cafés in all of the Faroe Islands. Enjoy a warm home-made meal and a nice cup of coffee at this incredibly cozy café.

1st of May - 18th of September:
Wed-Sat: 11.00-18.00
Sun: 12.00-17.00

From October 1st:
Sat-Sun: 11.00-18.00.

For more information, visit Café MorMor's Facebook page.

Café Karinsa

20 Bíarvegur, 850 Hvalba

Café in Hvalba with a homelike atmosphere.

Café Karinsa is closed for the winter, but you can book as a group for private trips and events.

Phone: +298 265360
E-mail: cafekarinsa@gmail.com


25 Tvørávegur, 800 Tvøroyri

This gorgeous café is situated in Tvøroyri town centre, offering a great selection of warm meals as well as serving great coffee and delicious cakes.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 12.00-18.00
Sat: 11.00-18.00
Sun: Closed.

For more information, visit Glasstovan's Facebook page.

Matstovan Garðslon

Matstovan Garðslon
Vágsvegur 114
900 Vágur

Phone: +298 590995
E-mail: matstovangardslon@gmail.com

For more information, visit Garðslon's Facebook page.

Matstovan í Porkeri

5 Hólavegur, 950 Porkeri

This lovely restaurant is located in the beautiful village of Porkeri and serves a wide selection of meals and desserts, as well as offering a stunning view of the scenic village.

For booking, please contact:
Phone: +298 223039
Email: hildibjartsdottir@hotmail.com


15 Vágsvegur
900 Vágur

Take away pizza kitchen.

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu: 5 - 10 pm.
Fri - Sat: 5 - 11 pm.

Phone: +298 273722

Pizzaria á Tvøroyri

1 Miðbrekkan, 800 Tvøroyri
Phone: +298 370171

Family-friendly pizza restaurant situated in Tvøroyri town centre.

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu: 6 pm -10 pm
Fri-Sun: 5 pm - 10.30 pm

Find more information on their Facebook page.

Pizza House Suðuroy

256 Sjógøta, 800 Tvøroyri
Phone: +298 372222

Pizza and fast-food take-out.

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Thursday: 17.00-23.00
Friday-Saturday: 17.00-01.00
Sunday: 17.00-23.00