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Museums & Galleries

There is a number of interesting museums and a galleries on Suðuroy. Not all of them have fixed opening hours but are open by appointment. For more information, check out each museum and gallery below.

Gallarí Oyggin

Art gallery by local artist Palle Juelsgard. Enjoy a cup of coffee at Café Art.

Open Tue - Sun from 2 pm-6 pm.

Address: Sjógøta 184, Tvøroyri.

Savnið á Mýri in Hov

The old village shop in Hov is now a museum which also hosts cultural events and art exhibitions.
This is both a museum and modern art at the same time in this charming old building. This house has a history, which starts in another village in Suðuroy - Vágur, where the house was built.

Open by appointment only.
Book an appointment here: +298 261076

Address: Stapavegur, Hov.

Pakkhús 5

Pakkhús 5 tells the story of the Thomsen family, which is a renowned business family of Tvøroyri.
Open by appointment only.

Send a message to Pakkhús 5 on their facebook page.

Address: Havnalagið 38, Tvøroyri.

The Old Farmhouse

The Old Farmhouse is situated in Sandvík.
This traditional old farmhouse is today a museum.
Please call the Tourist Information in Tvøroyri if you wish to visit the museum.

Phone: +298 611080
E-mail: info@tvoroyri.fo

Address: Sandvík.

Porkeris Bygdasavn

Museum of local history. You can find old things from the agriculture and fishing boats.
The museum is located in the old school of Porkeri, which was built in 1888.
The building was used as school until 1984.

For an appointment please call
+298 373176 / +298 266947 (Torgir)
+298 373850 (Magnus)

Address: Undir Heyggi 2, Porkeri.

Ruth Smith Museum

See an art collection of works by the famous artist Ruth Smith (born 1913 in Vágur, died 1958 in Nes-Vágur).

The Ruth Smith Art Museum is open by request only. Admission price 30 DKK per person. Cash Only.
If you wish to visit, please contact Visit Suðuroy in Vágur.

Phone +298 239390
E-mail: info@vagur.fo

Address: Vágsvegur 101, Vágur.

Sluppsavnið (WWII Museum)

Museum with Ship models of vessels from Vágur, which went shipwreck during World War II.
Poul Niclassen has made all 9 ship models.

Open Wednesdays during the summer from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Admission price 20 DKK per person. Cash Only.

Phone +298 239390
E-mail: info@vagur.fo

Address: Vágsvegur 101, Vágur.

Tvøroyrar Bygda- og Sjóvinnusavn

The Old Doctor's House. Now the local Town and Maritime Museum.

Open weekdays from 10 am-4 pm from 1st of May - 30th of September.

Address: Doktaragøta 5, Tvøroyri.